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Getting Started With Repair


Unfortunately we live in a throw away society where most products are made cheaply or made not to be repaired at all, so these devices just end up being just being thrown way which is seriously damaging our environment. 

While fixing something might sound like a daunting task at first, with a bit of practise it can become a manageable and fun task. Its time we take a stand against ewaste, pick up some tools and get fixing.

The First Steps

A perfect place to start is by taking apart something of less value then your flagship phone or expensive device, maybe find an older model or a device someone is throwing away and attempt a repair on that first to gain skill. Further you could find something to completely disassemble and try and reassemble it like a jigsaw puzzle to get the understanding on how devices work. 

As they say practice makes perfect.

Just make sure to follow the correct safety precautions to ensure your safety when working with electricity and tools.

Being Prepared

Once you feel confident in proceeding with a repair you need to have the correct equipment and parts for the job. (check out the Tools & Equipment Page 

for more.) Don't open the device before ordering replacement parts unless needed to diagnose or determine the parts required for the job. Many make the mistake of completely dissembling the device before the parts arrive leaving lose parts and screws everywhere which end up lost by the time they go to complete the repair.

Also allow plenty of time to complete the repair incase you run into any problems along the way.

Complete The Repair

Remain patient and don't rush, if things aren't going to plan take a step back and rethink how to approach the situation. 

After completing the repair fully test the device before completely sealing the phone together, as many current phones are held together with adhesive you don't want to have to try and reopen the device, wasting time and running the risk of damaging the back glass panel.


If all goes well you should have a working device, congratulations!

Want to watch and learn from me? 

Check out my restoration projects on YouTube

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