The most frequently asked questions Hugh Jeffreys receives!

Q. Can I send a phone to be repaired?

A. Unfortunately not, I don't have enough time to be able to repair thousands of people phones, I am not a repair business I only make videos showing people how to perform repairs.

Q. Do you offer unlocking services?

A. No, I don't offer any unlocking solutions for carrier or reset protection, please don't contact me regarding this.

Q. Are you currently selling any devices?

A. Check out the store to see what I have available.

Q. I have a device problem can you help?

If you're having issues with your device please contact a repair business or a place such as iFixit's repair forum to seek community help. While I try and help out if I can or have time, I cannot possibly reply to everyone.  

Q. When do you upload new videos to YouTube?

A. I release new videos every Sunday (Australian Time)

Q. Will you be expanding your website further?

A. Yes! Much more awesome content is to come.