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Featured Projects

My favourite repairs, restorations and customisations

Razr Before.jpg
Razr After.jpg

Michael Fisher is known for his technology videos on YouTube under the name MrMobile.

When Michael broke his Razr 5G's front display he was left without a functional phone. With no repair option offered by Motorola or any local repair shops, I reached out to help.

It was an honour to work with Michael and be able to provide him with a quality repair for one of this favourite phones.

Custom Gold iPhone 12 Pro Max.jpg

I wanted something more classy than the standard colour options offered by Apple. 

So I build my own custom iPhone 12 Pro Max, constructed from real gold and synthetic diamonds this iPhone surely makes a statement.

Despite the cost and difficultly in preforming a full housing conversion I am impressed by the end result. 

1935 Dodge - Hugh Jeffreys.jpg
1935 Dodge Night Shot.JPG

This is my 1935 Dodge which my dad and I restored. This project spanned from 14th of March 2014 to 31st August 2018.

We spent many hours together working on it and have done just about everything ourselves from painting it, wiring the electrics and panel repair to rebuilding the original interior. We're proud of our work and enjoy taking it for weekend drives.

In 2019 we towed our car to Beechworth Victoria for a rally with the Dodge Car Club of Australia where we got to meet people with other vintage cars and tour around to the local attractions.

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